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18th Mother Baby Children Products Exhibition at CNR EXPO CENTER- ISTANBUL. We are waiting for you too between 26th of February -1st of March 2009.

We moved to our new facilities.

Activities started in our dyeing facility.

Our newer machines with 3 channel PLC controls. The photographs are in our Products page.






1) During application, upper mould and bottom mold must dowel each other. It is one of the incorrect application practices in pounding machines having dowelling error is that claws are not tightly attached.
2) Moulds with faulty and incorrect adjustment will cause deformation of snap fasteners. In addition, incorrect moulds will cause deformations on the surface of snap fasteners, move dyes on dyed products off, crack coating in coated products.
3) When pounding impact of the machine is higher than normal, snap fasteners will be deformed, not attach to each other, tear and scratch.
4 When pounding impact of the machine is lower than normal, snap fasteners will not attach each other. Resistance of snap fasteners in low impact machines will be lower and tearing risk is higher.
5) Distance between lower mould and upper mould must be adjusted. After completing the work of snap fastener pressing, no distance must be left between snap fasteners and fabric.

Female part + fabric +claw or cover

  Male part + fabric +claw
  Snap fastener position attached after pounding process.

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